Updates on Art and School among COVID


I hope everyone reading this is doing well. I’m not sure who may actually read this, but I hope that whomever this is reaching is in a good place, though I know it’s not likely.

I am still chugging away at creating, and have updated my shop and portfolio with some new paintings. There’s also a new artists statement up under ‘projects’ if you’re interested in reading that.

School is canceled for in person meeting for the rest of the school year, which I’m sure is unsurprising. But I’m super bummed out about it, I miss the studio and I miss being surrounded by creative energy all the time. I came back to Ohio for the time being but will be returning to NYC as soon as possible. It’s definitely weird being back here for so long. It’s been about a month now.

Stay tuned for more paintings, and head on over to my Instagram @elli.butto to see weekly updates.