Zine projects I’ve worked on:

You Are a Slice of Meat

A small edition of silkscreened zines I did for the Prendi il Carne e Lasci l’Ossatura series. This project was a way to showcase the series in a simple way that was easily sharable and understandable. I plan on putting the zines up for sale soon. Keep an eye out.

Underground Evolution

This zine was the first collaboration between Hermanee and I. We interviews local bands and published the interviews with images of the band, along with our own art, and submissions of poetry. It had a nice little following and we distributed many copies. Unfortunately, because of school we were not able to keep it up. So it ended, unceremoniously. However, it was a great experience and some of the most fun I’ve had on a project. Below you can see the cover and a snippet of the interview from issue four, featuring DENZELL, now called The Zells ( https://denzell.bandcamp.com )